The Gengear Difference

Why Gengear?

  • Gengear is a highly motivated and effective Worldwide Power Plant Brokerage.
  • Gengear is international but not a Corporate nor part of a Multi National. We remain a private company and whilst our formal structure and team is comprehensive and robust, most importantly we remain operating under an "owner / operator" philosophy where decisions relating to our customers needs are made quickly and effectively.
  • Our ability to bring clients an effective & experienced skill base in Procurement, supported by our Power Project Management skill base.

The Equipment

  • Gengear trades in a broad and diverse range of Power Plant and Equipment, including those running Gas, Diesel, Heavy Fuel Oil.

The Markets

  • Gengear brokers equipment within x22 countries. Our global customer database is as long as it is broad.
  • Gengear represents both Owner / Vendors wishing to dispose of equipment and Buyers needing representation in the market when undertaking project procurement and sourcing.

Global Reputation

  • Our reputation internationally speaks for itself. We understand that we are as good as our last sale.
  • Gengear has earned a solid reputation internationally. We have many project successes and references.

The Experience & Expertise

  • Whilst Gengear and the business of Global Power Plant Sales and Procurement has been operating for 9 years, our experience base underpinning our business success spans 40 years.
  • This experience base specific to Gengear includes operations in the business of: Power Plant Management, Construction of Power Plants & HV networks, Electrical contracting & Maintenance, Electrical manufacturing, Global sales, procurement & trade, Shipping & logistics.

Project Service & Support

  • Gengear can easily bring to customers a total one stop shop able to handle all facets of Power Plant Projects.
  • Whilst Gengear specialises in Procurement & Sales of Power Plant and equipment, we can where required bring to customers a total project support in Power Plant Project Management & Construction.
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