Terms & Conditions this website use

With respect to this website and the commercial affairs of Gengear Limited "company" being a registered Company in New Zealand

  • Any material printed from this website may be done so for the viewers personal use only. No material may be used for commercial purposes without a Company directors written approval
  • All information; specifications, particulars and photographs of any plant or equipment are taken directly from the equipment or maintenance records at the time of appraisal or as provided by the owner. The company makes all reasonable effort to ensure the this information is maintained as correct, accurate and is kept current. However the company makes no warranty as to the accuracy of any information unless otherwise specifically stated.
  • All information on this website, including: Company names, trademarks, logos, graphics, conceptual layouts and photos contained in this website, except those belonging to an OEM for plant or equipment the company is selling, remains at all times the intellectual property of the Company and cannot be copied or reproduced in any way without a Company directors written approval.
  • The Company will without hesitation take all action necessary to protect its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent under law.
  • By viewing this website you do so at your own risk. The Company will not be held liable for any loss or disruption through the use of this website caused in any way by either: PC terminal or internal software failure, external virus, telecommunications or electricity network failure or web service provider failure

Terms Specific to items listed for sale

  • Plant & Equipment listed for sale are done so on behalf of Vendors unless otherwise specifically stated.
  • Whilst the company makes every effort with vendors to ensure details & specifications of plant & equipment stated are factual and accurate, the information is current only to the date the listing was posted and as the equipment often remain in service these details can quickly become out of date.
  • All specifications and representations detailed are therefore subject to buyer verification at the time of sale & purchase.
  • All listing specifications and details are subject to change without notice.

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