Frequently Asked Questions

Gengear Customers 

Who is a typical Gengear customer?
  • Electric Utilities
  • BOO Power Generation companies
  • IPP Power Producers
  • Mining companies
  • EPC Contractors
  • Landfill Owners
  • Petro Chem Plants
  • LNG plants
  • Large industrial consumers

What regions do you sell to?
Internationally, however we have a a bias toward New Zealand, Australia, African and Asian customers where the growth is occurring and we have significant previous Project Management experience on Power Generation projects.

Can Gengear become involved in supplying clients BOO (Build, own, Operate) venture partners?
Yes we often look at these options for clients and have many avenues available.

General Background

What is your Point of Difference when dealing with Gengear?
Whilst Gengear sells and sources worldwide, it primarily focuses on power generation customers in New Zealand, Australia and Africa as these regions and end user customers are known to us and are high growth. Having said that Gengear sales and projects have no border boundaries.

Where is Gengear located?
Gengear operates out of offices in Warkworth, situated in Auckland North, New Zealand.

How long has Gengear been in this business?
Specifically Gengear has been in operation and in the business of Power Generation since early 2011. However the commercial and technical experience and expertise based underpinning the business success exceeds 40 years.

Purchasing equipment from Gengear

What type of Power plants does Gengear sell? 
  • Gas Turbine Power plant (OCGT / CCGT / Industrial & Aero derivative)
  • Gas and diesel Gensets (Skid mounted & enclosed)
  • Coal fired power plants
  • Steam turbine power plant
  • HRSG boiler plant
  • We also have a heavy focus on semi-portable and short term emergency generation packages

Is the equipment pre-owned / second hand?
No, a significant percentage of our equipment sold is new equipment, never been installed.
However whilst this equipment can come on the market without ever being installed for many reasons, Gengear is not in business of competing direct with OEM sales on brand new equipment.

Does the equipment come with a warranty?
In many cases yes, especially on the new but pre owned equipment that has never been installed

Does Gengear offer engineering inspections and reports for equipment sold?

Yes of course. However we also welcome that customers have their own engineer review our findings especially where a customer will have their own EPC / Engineering crew install the equipment. 

Do you own the plant or sell on consignment?
Both, however generally and especially on larger plant we are selling on consignment

Can I see the equipment running prior to purchase?
If the equipment is sitting operating in situ prior to sale, then yes of course

Where is the Power plant Equipment sourced from?
Internationally, our points of supply can be in any part of the world or country

What assurance do I get I know what I am buying?
It is recommended that all equipment is inspected prior to committing to purchase with full engineering assessments undertaken of the equipment and maintenance records.

Is there a sale and purchase agreement for equipment sold?
Yes, Gengear operates and standard S+P agreement template for equipment sold which has been specifically tailored to suit the Power Generation industry.

Are there any additional broker fees or buyers premium payable, in addition to the base purchase price of equipment that Gengear sells?

No, we do not charge our customers "buyer premiums", any pricing quoted will be all inclusive.
The only additional charges to purchasers over the equipment purchase price, will relate to either Shipping or Removal and Reinstallation and construction.

Does Gengear get involved within the clients initial pre-feasibility study? 
Yes we often become involved at these early stages. Historically this includes commerical pre-feasibility, bankers feasibility, PPA / FSA Agreements and Project costsings.

Selling equipment through Gengear

I am interested in selling some surplus generation equipment, how would I go about listing with Gengear?
Just let us know what you have available and we will do the rest.....
We will undertake a full pre-sale appraisal of your equipment for sale and supply you an offer to list and sell the equipment.

If I am selling equipment, what is Gengear's point of difference in the market?
Put simply, our POD has three key components
1. The drive and energy we put into sourcing and the quality of our representations
2. Our global customer sales database and our extensive history and experience in international sales and trade.
3. Our experience, extensive history and value added services in Power Generation Project Management and construction.

How quickly can you get new listing in front of the market?
Very quickly, within hours. This is one of our 3 key component Points of Difference.
For instance, Gengear can have via its mailing list a vendors power plant offered directly in front of a 5000 strong pre-determined potential global buyer audience within an hour of accepting a new listing.

What fees are involved in placing and selling equipment for sale through Gengear?
We operate on a commission fee structure on closed sales, there are no fees to place a new listing with Gengear. Fee structure depends on the value of equipment sold, however Gengear fees are pre-agreed and range from 2% to 7%. 
The type of equipment is also a factor when determining the commission payable, irrespective of the equipment value, as some equipment is harder to sell than others and will inevitably incur more cost to achieve a closed sale.

Do you require inspecting Power plant equipment prior to listing it?  
We can however this is not absolutley necessary and can get started by relying only on photos and specifications supplied by the vendor. As however our team is continually travelling internationally we can easily include coming to inspect a vendors power plant in any country.  

International Delivery & Shipping 

Can you deliver the equipment purchased to my site?

Yes of course. All customer requirements for delivery and international shipping are handled by Gengear in house by our logistics team. This can range from a single containerised or skid mounted Genset, to a 100 ton GT Power plant.  
Our shipping services include: Crating / wrap & packing / cartage / fumigation / seafrieght / border clearances / taxation.

Who handles the border clearances? 
This is handled by Gengear logistics, our client needs not be concerned with this.

Can a rental Powerplant be imported to a country for a pre determined period only?
Yes, we can handle the permitting and import tax exemptions permissable for the temporary importation of Power plant equipment.

Who would handle to preparations for shipping of an existing power plant site?
Generally Gengear / Genco Energy would handle this, however is it not uncommon for the seller to provide this service, subject to meeting the purchasers standard, were they get the power plant disassembled, packed and ready for shipping.

Project Management and Construction Service

If I purchase equipment through Gengear, who will install it?

Clients are free to use their preferred EPC Construction crew if they have one, however Gengear engages associate company Genco Energy and their specialist team to undertake the disassembly, reassembly / installation, commissioning to operational handover.

Can I see previous reference projects Gengear has completed?
Yes sure, our total EPC Construction project portfolio can be inspected via the pages within this site, these reference show a comprehensive and diverse Power Generation project experience and capability base

Is there a limit to the size of projects Gengear can construct?
Not really. Gengear previous project experience has includes global projects ranging anywhere from 1MW to 220MW in size valued anywhere between USD$1M to $264 Million
This includes both reciprocating and Gas Turbine power plant.